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Homemade goodies, all prepared from natural ingredients, love and passion

− Few words about us −

We are a small team of people, with a big passion for simple cakes and delicious salty recipes. We always cook with the taste in mind, the simple kind where you can easily identify valuable ingredients, but at the same time delicate and subtle.


Why this place?

This place was born out of a desire to give everyone access to the cookies we bake at home for our family and especially children. All our products are made with love, care, focus and a lot of passion.

What are we cooking?

We love chocolate, we love cheese and yogurt, fruits and vegetables, but most importantly, we love to combine them into delicious and nutritious recipes. We want our passion to add value to the pies and cakes we are used to and to discover the healthy and nourishing ingredients, seasonal vegetables/fruits, dairy from local producers and as much as possible a dash of organic boldness to every product. We do not use artificial colours, additives, flavour enhancers or potentiators. We are always open to your wishes and proposals, we are here to make your life tastier!






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− Our team −

The soul of our pastry shop


Ioana Onea

Pastry Cook & Baker


Ioana Ungureanu

Pastry Chef & Administrator

What people say about us...

− The Artisan Bakery −

Prajituri de casa, naturale, din retete simple, traditionale, realizate cu pasiune, utilizand ingrediente locale.

− Events −

Unfortunatelly there are no events soon but, keep an eye on news!

I'm a big fan of pastries the size of a baby that contain enough calories for a year. That seems like an effective use of time.

by Mike Birbiglia

− Blog −

Read about our latest news, events and more about life, kids and recipes

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